Bond additional payment calculator

Calculate how much you can save, in terms of both time and money, by paying a little extra into your bond.

New monthly repayments R 0.00
Old monthly repayment R 0.00
Total savings on interest R 0.00
Total loan amount R 0.00
Total interest R 0.00
New loan duration 0 Months
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Additional bond repayment calculator help

The more information you can provide, the more accurate your estimate will be.

Purchase price

By making additional payments into your home loan, you will pay off the purchase price of your property sooner, and therefore save on interest.

Interest rate

Additional payments into your home loan will not affect the interest rate at which you repay, but it will mean you save on interest over the remaining term of your bond.

Repayment term

Any additional payments you make into your home loan would shorten the remaining term of your bond and could mean considerable savings on interest.

Additional payment amount

The additional monthly amount you will be paying onto your home loan.

New monthly repayments

The new monthly repayment amount if you were to put additional funds into your home loan on a regular basis.

Old monthly repayments

The monthly amount you have been paying on your home loan, before making additional payments.

Total savings on interest

The interest you'll be saving by making additional payments into your home loan.

Total loan amount

The total amount to be repaid, including capital and interest.

Total interest

The total amount of interest you will pay over the term of your home loan.

New loan duration

The new, shorter, term of your home loan, based on the additional payments you'll be making.