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We'll prep your application

We'll make sure we get all your documents ready and help you complete your application form.


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This is where the magic happens! We go on the hunt and negotiate on your behalf to get you the best deal.


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We'll talk you through all the home loan offers, so that you choose the bond that's best for your budget.


You accept, and voila!

Once you’ve decided on an offer, we’ll notify the bank, and congratulations – you’re a home owner!

We work with all the leading banks to secure you the best home loan deal

Standard Bank
Sentinel Homes

Better Rate Calculator

Use this interest rate slider to see how much a better rate could save you. Simply slide to the bond amount you are applying for, to see how much a potential variance of 0,5% in interest rate could mean in rand value.

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Outstanding service from BetterBond

By way of quick feedback, I must describe my experience with BetterBond (Verna and Heather) and my recent home loan as outstanding. They took a huge burden off my shoulders by collecting all info and submitting applications. The admin relief in my day was enormous.

They opened my thinking to banks I would not have even thought to pursue, including Investec. They negotiated for me without any attempt to persuade me in one direction.

I have reviewed the offers and understood all terms, inclusive of the improved offers secured, for all banks.

Transparency has been absolute... They ensured very competitive quotes. Communication has been excellent. Interestingly, the purchasers of the sale of my current property also used BetterBond with the same fabulous service. I have no identified disadvantages as a consumer.

Kind regards, Alison S